James Stock – Kayak Master

As well as being pretty hot in a kayak – James Stock is master and commander of Torrent Productions – a kayak based film company. We caught up with him recently:

c: How long you have been paddling?
js: About 5 years now – 2 years white water

c: What country do you paddle in?
js: Wales and England mainly

c: Top places people should know about?
js: The creeks and waterfalls of the Brecon Beacons

c: Any advice to others?
js: be ready to get wet and have a laugh its a fun sport

c: What’s your favourite piece of kit?
js: Shred Ready Helmet nice bit of rescue yellow!

c: What other sports you do?
js: Climbing, Mountaineering, Swimming (not down the rapids though!)

c: famous last words?
js: What’s the worst that can happen?

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